Minutes of Trustee Meeting - Apr 2022

Posted by Philippa Morgan on 12 May 2022

The Trust for Devizes

Minutes of the meeting of the Trustees held online at 7:30pm on Monday 11th April 2022

Present: Philippa Morgan (PM) Hon Secretary, James Flood (JF) Hon Treasurer, Mark Boden (MB), Inez Skinner (IS), David Dawson (DD)

Apologies: John Girvan (JG), Ian Sharp (IAS), Richard Ormerod (RO)

Chairman: James Flood

  1. Minutes of the meeting held on 21st March 2022 were discussed and agreed.

  2. Matters Arising – PM said that she had replied to the email from Andrew Guest at Wiltshire Council. IS noted that around 30 people had attended the AGM, including Trustees. Trustees thanked DD for standing in at the last minute with an interesting presentation about progress on the Assize Court project.

  3. Correspondence – PM said that she had had a phone call from a non-member asking if the Trust as in favour of the proposal to put a duck house in the middle of the Crammer. DD advised that this was an April Fool joke. PM to pass this on to the caller.

  4. Honorary Treasurer's Report: JF reported that the bank balance on the date of meeting was £8757.90.

  5. Planning Matters:

RO's monthly planning report was discussed and the following issues were raised

PL/2022/02060 – Angel Leisure, Market Place – proposed second storey to rear of the Palace Cinema

It was agreed that the Trust should oppose this on the basis that the application was not clear on the purpose of the 'second story', when it would be used and if it would have any impact on neighbours. More detail was required.

PL/2022/02351 – The Yews, Bath Road – Crown reductions on various trees

Some concern about the proposal for the lime tree. Further clarification needed.

PL/2022/02472 – 34 Pans Lane – Reduce Beech tree

Further clarification needed on this as the applicant doesn't own the tree and has not explained fully why this reduction is needed.

PL/2022/01406 – Windsor Drive allotments – install 3 containers for storage of DOCA items

Object on the basis that this is in conflict with Wiltshire Core Strategy. The applicants have not made a case for the need for using 3 shopping containers on an allotment site for storage. If permission is to be given, it should be for a limited time whilst other storage arrangements are made.

PL/2022/02057 – Garage Court off Brickley Lane – Redevelopment of vacant garage site to provide 4 dwellings

This is another attempt to build on this land, the previous applications having been dismissed on appeal. Concerns that this application will impact on the public open space and neighbouring dwellings. Object

PL/2022/01510 – 55 Northgate Street – Conversion of existing building to form

single dwelling

The proposed works appear to conserve the listed building. However, it is in the t own centre and, although, it's outside the primary shopping area, the ground floor has been a shop for many years. The change of use from a shop to a dwelling would be against the saved Kennet Plan. Object.

6. Publications and websiteThe next Trust News would be in May. All contributions welcome. Trustees agreed a proposal to print envelopes with the Trust logo and return address – see attached example of a CPRE envelope.

7. Membership and Marketing IS and JF were reviewing the membership list details as there were inconsistencies between the website list and JF's list of members. The continuing use of Club Buzz for membership and website also needed to be reviewed.

8. Any other business – As Danny Kruger MP had not been able to attend the AGM due to parliamentary business, it was agreed that PM should write to him setting out the Trust's planning issues ie the length of time for which Neighbourhood Plans are valid and the problems related to the need for a 5 year land supply and the fact that this could allow developers to build anywhere in the County. These issues were raised at an earlier meeting with DK and he should be asked what progress had been made

The next meeting of the Trustees will be held at Wiltshire Museum – subject to availability - on Monday 9h May 2022 starting at 7:30pm. RO to chair.


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